Z3D offers a wide variety of services to accommodate your needs. Whether you
need an advergame to promote a product; a social game with a solid monetizing
plan; a serious game to engage an audience; an application to manage and promote
your company, we have a great team ready to create your vision.


For any full project, port or simply to assist in a production,
Z3D will be excited to provide help. We can either work from
our offices, or send our staff directly to you in any nearby
location. Our team has proudly served Ubisoft, Genia
and numerous others, and will gladly work with you
on new challenges.


Our talented team can build for you a Content Management
System (CMS) which gives amazing control over a product. The
possibility to manage the content of your application instantly
and without having to publish updates
is a powerful tool. This coupled with a complete
analytic solution is the key to tap into the full potential of your
application and we provide you with all that and more.


Do you have a great idea for a game you may want to build
with your own team or approach a publisher with, but don’t
know where to start? For a very affordable price, we are
proud to offer a prototyping service.

Guide us through your idea and we’ll make a short com-
prehensible game design document and then we’ll make it
come to life in the form of a prototype. You are then free to
do whatever you want with it. You could even keep working
with us until the project is complete. We’d be glad to have
you as a long term client.


We have experienced professionals at your disposal if you
need consulting on your current or future projects.

Z3D is the home of Quebec City’s pioneers with Unity Engine.
They have a deep knowledge of the tools and techniques
used in both Unity and game making in general. We are
available to coach people who are trying to make the jump to
Unity or acquire deeper knowledge in game making.